Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dear Mama Thinking About Homeschooling

Dear mama thinking about homeschooling,

School is fast approaching. Summer went by in a blink, didn't it? Those days of sleeping in, long afternoons at the park, staying up late watching movies cuddled on the couch. More laughter, more hugs.

Yeah, more kids fighting too, I get that. More, "I'm bored, mom." It's not ALL sunshine and rainbows.

But if the thought of school approaching has anxiety rising like a tide inside your heart, hear me out. If the school supply list and the thought of pulling your grouchy kiddos out of bed every morning has you laying awake at night dreading that first day of school, take a few minutes and read on. If you'd like to leave the role of homework enforcer behind forever, let me encourage you.

There is another way.

You could keep them home.