About Kim

Hi there, new friend!

I'm so glad you found this blog. It's my hope and prayer that you will be inspired, delighted, and uplifted when you visit, just as if we could sit across my dining room table and share a cup of tea.

I believe we can all take baby steps every day toward a more intentional life, toward including more that brings us joy.

Baby steps of letting go of the clutter and chaos that brings more simplicity and peace. It's not all-or-nothing, and it's not about perfection.

It's a process of being gentle with ourselves and listening to those deep desires of our hearts.

Where are you on this journey? Are you looking for more simplicity? Help getting organized? More joy?

Here's some of what you will find here at Simple Joyful Home:

  • cleaning and organizing tips
  • encouragement and ideas to simplify and let go of clutter
  • easy recipes (I mean, really easy... I am NOT a chef)
  • fun craft ideas
  • travel tips and adventures with kids

I'm emphatically NOT the mama that has this all figured out. No siree. I am, quite honestly, easily distracted and oh-so-willing to try some new thing, new business idea, or new hobby and flat-out avoid those chores that I especially dislike (putting clothes away in a 3-level house, can I get an amen?!). I'm just over here sharing my journey with you, and hoping that writing about it will help keep me moving towards simplicity and joy -- and maybe help you as well.

My little family and I live in the mountains of western Washington state. My husband of 23 years is a software developer (coding geek), lover of sci-fi, hiking, and fly-fishing. My daughter (our miracle) is 7, a smart cookie and the tallest kid in her class. We have a black lab puppy named Everest who will turn two years old on July 4.

If you want to know more...

I'm the mama. Over the years I've done so many things. Cleaning houses, managing offices, being a legal secretary, dispatching tow trucks, managing contracts for freelancers for a national technology magazine. I've owned my own business as a piano and flute teacher, and spent a couple years working in direct sales. I had a successful website back in the days before social media and Google algorhythms.

I've often felt that my desire to try new things has prevented me from ever really being successful at any of them!

So, after all this... I'm turning my energy, my desire to learn and grow, towards embracing simplicity and creating routines that bring joy. This means, after moving six times in the past four years, that it's time to settle in, truly unpack, purge, and organize. To decorate... frugally. To get out of the habit of eating out and cook at home... simply. To invest more in my family and our home.

And that's the journey of this blog.  A journey of simplicity, joy, and homey comforts. I'd be honored if you would come along on this journey with me! I'd love to learn more about you and how you're taking steps toward simplicity and joy in YOUR life. Get in touch anytime!

With gratitude,


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